Tester Dior Miss Dior Rose Essence, Edp, 65 ml (Dubai)

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Miss Dior Rose Essence is the new flanker of the famous Christian Dior fragrance and is based on the 2021 rose crop. This version of the perfume marked the beginning of a unique line of annual limited editions of the Essense version, the main ingredients of which will be rose water distilled from the petals of fresh crops. The luxurious and sensual centifolia rose of the 2021 sample grew in the fields of the Manon estate in the province of Grasse, and for the first time the entire flower mass was used entirely only by the perfumers of the Dior house, so we can safely say about the exclusivity of the new fragrant masterpiece. Rose petal distillate has a sweet and soft fragrance, but when framed by musk and wood, it sounds feminine and luxurious. Perfumer Fran?ois Demachy used geranium, close in olfactory sound to rose, for the opening notes of the composition. But this flower carries more delicate freshness, playing with subtle shades of citrus and fruit. The soft grassiness of green notes harmoniously emphasizes the noble opening chords of geranium. Piercing, expressive and luxurious in its sound, Grasse centifolia rose of 2021 enchants with soft sweetness, delicate creamy nuances, fragrant fruity undertones. The touch of the middle notes of the fragrance - like the sliding of velvety petals on the skin, encourages you to enjoy the splendor and multifaceted fragrance of rose essential oils. Sweet, creamy guaiac wood, warm body of sensual musk, dry smoky woody note of vetiver and rich balsamic patchouli adequately frame the rose at the heart of the fragrance, creating a precious frame from the base chords of Christian Dior Miss Dior Rose Essence.
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